Hot Rims Wheel Polishing Tool
Tough, durable tool that attaches to your drill with effective yet gentle foam to quickly polish wheels to a mirror-like shine
Patented, ergonomic diamond design easily polishes all wheel faces and fits easily into tight spaces
Built-in, cool-touch arbor sleeve offers additional control and tool support while in use
Unique elastomeric memory foam gently contours to your wheel's shape, without deforming or shredding
Also safe and effective for exhaust, bumpers, chrome and polished trim pieces, high polished engine components, and other polished, chrome and uncoated metals
Hot Rims™ Metal Polish
Quickly cuts through oxidation, stains, and swirls
Leaves you with a mirror-like finish without micro marring or swirling
Great for both polished cast and billet aluminum, chrome and stainless steel
Safe and effective on all uncoated metals
Great by hand or with Hot Rims™ Wheel Polisher G4400
Meguiar's Metal Polish, G211606, 6 Oz
Safely and effectively cleans all uncoated metals, including chrome and polished aluminum
Formula cleans and polishes without scratching, leaving a brilliant mirror-like shine
Quickly and easily removes oxidation, minor swirls, stains, and tarnish for clarity and shine
Ideal for restoring shine to uncoated metals on cars, boats, motorcycles, and more
Perfect when paired with Meguiar's G4400 Wheel Polisher Tool that attaches to a standard household drill