D143 Detailer Non Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner, 1 Gallon
Effective and easy cleaning on wheels and tires
Quickly removes brake dust, road grime, light grease and dirt
Spray on, lightly agitate, hose off
Secondary bottle available: D20143PK12
Meguiar's Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner – Clean Tires & Wheels Without Using Acid - DRTU14332, 32 oz
CLEAN WHEELS & TIRES: Effective and easy cleaning on factory OEM clear coated, painted, chrome wheels and tires
QUICK CLEANING: Quickly removes brake dust, road grime, light grease and dirt
EASY TO USE: Spray on, lightly agitate, hose off
READY TO USE FORMULA: No mixing required!
SIZE OPTION: Also available in a concentrated 1 gallon size
D20143 Detailer Non-Acid Wheel & Tire Cleaner, Bottle
Bottle only; spray top sold separately
32 oz
12 per case
Meguiar's® Ultimate Waterless Wheel & Tire – Wheel Cleaner & Tire Dressing in One - G190424, 24 oz
TWO-IN-ONE: Tire and wheel cleaner and tire shine in one
ONE EASY STEP: Wipe away brake dust & road grime with one easy step
MORE THAN A TIRE SHINE: Premium gloss enhancers leave your tires glossy with a dark, rich shine
MAINTAIN WITHOUT WATER: Quick and convenient way to maintain wheels and tires without water
UV PROTECTION: UV blockers help to protect wheels & tires from the elements
D181 Detailer Leather Cleaner, 1 Gallon
Removes tough stains fast!
Non-staining formula
Restores "like new" look
Colorless with a pleasant citrus fragrance
Meguiar's® Hot Rims™ Wheel & Tire Cleaner, G9524, 24 oz., Spray
Xtreme Cling™ foam vigorously clings to vertical surfaces and dissolves brake dust and grime
Safe and effective on factory painted and clear coated rims, and tires
Visually see dirt and grime lifting off the wheel & tire
Easy to use and convenient trigger spray, spray-on and hose-off with water
Leaves rims with a brilliant shine while effectively cleaning
Moderately aggressive cleaners for use on all factory coated or painted wheels
Formula cleans wheels AND tires, foaming away dirt & grime!
Meguiar's® Wheel Brightener, D14001, 1 Gallon, Liquid
Safe and effective on clear-coated, factory painted, and chrome wheels
Quickly and easily removes tough and stubborn brake dust
Effective at removing tar, dirt, and grime with little or no scrubbing
Easy to use, spray-on, hose-off with water, and wipe
Concentrate can be diluted up to 4:1 saving on money
Body shop safe formula
Meguiar's® Mirror Glaze® Professional Dual Action Cleaner/Polish, M8301 1 Gallon
Combines abrasive cleaner and pure, rich polish for deep glossy shine
Removes light to medium contamination, blemishes, and oxidation
Effective, Buffered Abrasive™ cleaning removes defects without marring the finish
Safe on all glossy paints and also safe in a body shop environment
Formulated for use by Hand, DA Polisher, or Rotary Buffer
Larger 1 gallon size is more cost effective and convenient for body shops and professional detailers
Hot Rims™ Chrome Wheel Cleaner
Dissolves stubborn brake dust, road grime, and grit from chrome
Xtreme Cling foam stays put even on vertical surfaces for deep cleaning
Specifically formulated to be safe and effective on chrome wheels
Convenient and easy-to-use trigger spray provides a "mirror-like" shine
Locking spray mechanism to help keep children safe
Meguiar's® Mirror Glaze® Professional Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner, M4001, 1 Gallon
Durable protection that screens out damaging ultraviolet rays
Leaves a rich, natural sheen, unlike the shiny synthetic coating of simple protectants
Restores life and color
Meguiar's Hot Rims Black Wheel Cleaner, Best Cleaner For Matte Black Wheels, G230524, 24 oz
DEEP & EFFECTIVE CLEANING: Foaming gel sticks for deep cleaning
SPECIALIZED FOR BLACK WHEELS: Formulated for all black wheel finishes
POWERFUL & SAFE: Maximum cleaning yet gentle on wheels
CLINGING ACTION: Formula dwells on the surface for more effective cleaning
VERSATILE USE: Safely and effectively cleans glossy, matte, satin, and black chrome wheels
Meguiar's® Quik Interior Detailer™, D14901, 1 Gallon, Liquid
Contains UV protection to preserve and maintain original appearance
Safely cleans and protects all interior surfaces quickly and easily
Non greasy formula leaves surfaces with a natural look and feel
Effectively removes dust, ashes, dirt, grime, spills, and fingerprints without build up
Pleasant fragrance
Safe and effective on interior surfaces including plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber, metal, carbon fiber, wood, and audio/video equipment