Gold Class™ Leather Sealer Treatment
Easy and convenient 2-step kit cleans leather surfaces to a "like-new" appearance and then nourishes and seals the leather with hybrid polymer technology to preserve it
Step 1 Leather Prep, cleans and prepares leather by removing built up oils, grime, and unsightly stains, ensures the best possible appearance, and maximizes longevity of the Step 2 Leather Sealer
Step 2 Leather Sealer bonds to the leather creating a durable and protective barrier, keeps leather looking and feeling soft, and nourishes with conditioners
Long-lasting formula provides a durable protection that will last for months and create a barrier of protection against daily wear
Safe and effective for both new and old leather surfaces
Kit includes everything you need to keep leather protected and nourished longer. Comes with a 6 oz bottle of Leather Prep, a 6 oz bottle of Leather Sealer, a Soft Foam Applicator Pad, and a high quality microfiber towel