Meguiar's Last Touch Spray Detailer, Ready to Use Pro-Grade Detailing Spray - DRTU15532, 32 Oz
  • PRO-GRADE DETAILER SPRAY: Simply spray on and wipe off for incredible depth, shine and gloss
  • USE WITH CONFIDENCE: Unique blend safely and gently removes dust, smudges, fingerprints and other contaminants
  • CLAY LUBRICANT: Pre-diluted 1:1 making it an excellent for use as a clay bar lubricant with Meguiar's C2000 or C2100
  • READY TO USE FORMULA: Pre-diluted, no mixing required
  • SIZE OPTION: Also available in a concentrated 1 gallon size
Meguiar’s/Scangrip Sunlight 3+ - Professional Paint Inspection Light, MT103
  • CO-BRANDED LIGHT: Co-Branded with Scangrip, leading manufacturer in innovative LED work lights
  • ESSENTIAL DETAILING TOOLS: Light identifies high spots in coatings and below surface swirls and scratches during paint correction process
  • DURABLE & RUGGED: Uniquely designed durable body created to perform and last
  • UNIQUE DIMMER FEATURE: “Dimmer” switch for light output & color temperature unique to the Sunlight 3+
  • EXCLUSIVE MEMORY SETTING: Exclusive and convenient memory function for instant on/off without searching for settings