Meguiar's Professional So1o All-In-One M300 - SiO2-Based Formula Removes Paint Defects and Delivers Durable, Water-Beading Protection, Get Compounding, Polishing, and Protecting in One Step - 32oz
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Super Micro Abrasive Technology (SMAT) makes it an excellent swirl remover as it cleans paint quickly and gently without further inducing swirls or hazing for amazing high-gloss depth and shine
  • WATER BEADING PROTECTION: This formula is a combination of a professional car cleaner and professional car polish that contains SiO2-based protection that leaves behind durable water beading protection
  • VERY USER-FRIENDLY: Our professional cleaner polish is easy to apply, is easy to wipe off, and is a low dusting formula for fast and easy clean-ups
  • USE YOUR WAY: Our professional detailing cleaner wax removes up to 3000 grit sanding marks when used with a machine polisher. It can also be used by tall or short stroke dual action variable speed polisher, rotary buffer, or by hand and with different gra
Meguiar's Professional Pro Speed Polish M200 - Extremely User-Friendly Professional Car Polish for Light Defect Removal While Creating a High-Goss Finish, Get Easy Polishing with Amazing Results - 32oz
  • AMAZING GLOSS & SHINE: This professional cleaner and polish creates a deep, glossy finish on dark paints and sensitive paints that swirl and scratch easily
  • VERY USER-FRIENDLY POLISH: M200 is formulated with the end-user in mind and is all about convenience. It has a long work cycle with an easy wipe-off, and the formula has low dusting properties for fast and easy clean-up that will help to cut down on work
  • FINE-TUNED FOR DA USE: This professional formula is tuned for a dual action variable speed polisher, both tall & short-stroke DA polishers. However, it's also safe and effective for use by rotary buffer and when using by hand
  • PROFESSIONAL FORMULA: Our cleaner polish is formulated to deliver professional results easily and quickly when detailing. Optimized for long work cycles for improved results and usability, and is a body shop-safe formula for those working in painting envi
  • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Much more than your average polishing compound, the abrasive set excels at removing paint defects to clean quickly and gently, while lubricants help to keep from further inducing swirls or haze for an incredible high-gloss and depth
Meguiar's Professional M888 Beyond Ceramic Paint Coating, M88800
  • EXTREME DURABILITY & RESISTANCE: With advanced professional technology, this premium ceramic coating for cars delivers multi-year durability with proper prep, installation, and maintenance*. The perfect way to get a professional ceramic coating with excel
  • EXCELLENT WATER BEADING & SLICKNESS: Not only do you get exceptional durability and chemical resistance, but this ceramic protectant also delivers unbelievable water beading with amazing slickness that makes maintaining and drying your paint a much easier
  • IMPROVES GLOSS & FINISH: Our professional ceramic paint coating focuses on exceptional water beading, slickness, and chemical resistance. However, it also fills in minor paint defects and enhances gloss for an enhanced and improved result upon completion
  • EASY APPLICATION: Get a durable ceramic coating without the need for an exacting and laborious professional application process. Unlike many coatings in the market, it's very user-friendly with self-leveling properties making it very forgiving to work wit
  • SAFE ON OTHER SURFACES: While this cutting-edge car ceramic coating is formulated specifically for exterior glossy paint, it also works great on plastic trim, decals, paint protection film (PPF), and wheels