Meguiar's® Soft Buff Rotary Soft Backing Plate, WRSBP

Designed for 7" and 8" Soft Buff™ rotary pads
Effectively contours to curves and body lines
Distributes pressure for smoother buffing; more forgiving, less swirls
Long lasting, one-piece molded construction
Fits all Rotary Polishers with 5/8" diameter shaft
  • Clean
  • Restore
  • Shine
  • Protect
  • Maintain
  • Meguiar's® WRSBP Soft Buff™ Rotary Soft Backing Plate - 155 mm is designed for 7" & 8" Soft Buff rotary pads. Safely contours to curves and body lines. Distributes pressure for smoother buffing resulting in more forgiving and less swirls. Long lasting, one-piece molded construction. Fits all rotary polishers with 5/8" diameter shaft.

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