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Meguiar's® DA Microfiber Correction System 5" Starter Kit, DMCKIT5, Kit

Safe and simple, user-friendly system will remove moderate defects without producing swirls and restore your vehicle's smooth gloss in just two easy steps
Meguiar's® DA Microfiber Cutting Disc and Meguiar's® DA Microfiber Finishing Disc together provide exceptional polishing power and finishes perfectly delivering amazing results quickly
DA Microfiber Correction System Starter Kit makes it simple and convenient. Includes everything you need to get started for removing defects and adding glossy protection.
Ideal for use with Meguiar's® MT300 Dual Action Polisher, but can be used with any DA Polisher
Meguiar's® DA Microfiber Correction Compound and Meguiar's® DA Microfiber Finishing Wax formulated to produce minimal dusting and no slinging for less mess and clean up
Includes free Meguiar's Black Detailing Apron
  • Clean
  • Restore
  • Shine
  • Protect
  • Maintain
  • Meguiar's® 5" DA Microfiber Correction System simplifies correction in two easy steps. Removes swirls, scratches and other defects then lay down a coating of glossy protection. It corrects paint without creating swirls. Kit includes 16 ounce DA Microfiber Correction Compound, 16 ounce DA Microfiber Finishing Wax and a FREE Meguiar's Apron. Meguiar's DA Microfiber Correction System 5" Starter Kit is made to be used with a dual action polisher, like Meguiar's® MT300 Dual Action Polisher.

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