Marine All Purpose Cleaner, 26 oz

Ready to use – simply spray and wipe away the dirt, grime, fish blood, waterline marks and more.
Safely and effectively removes stubborn build-up on outboard motors and drives – simply spray, agitate, and wipe and rinse away.
Safe to use on fiberglass, gel coat, canvas, non-skid, vinyl surfaces and more.
Highly effective at removing surface stains on isinglass and clear plastics without staining or yellowing the surface.
Safe and effective inside your boat or RV in and around both seating and kitchen areas for removing stubborn stains or spills.
  • Clean
  • Restore
  • Shine
  • Protect
  • Maintain
  • A highly effective spray-on cleaner that quickly and safely removes many types of stains across the numerous surfaces found in marine and RV environments.

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