Meguiar's Ultimate Headlight Restoration Kit - The Perfect Headlight Repair Kit to Remove Yellowing and Cloudiness from Headlights - Easy to Use and Seals Headlights with 18 Plus Months of Protection
  • PROFESSIONAL RESULTS: This headlight lens cleaner and protectant kit removes mild to heavy yellowing, oxidation, and neglected clear plastic headlights while restoring clarity with ease
  • ADVANCED PROTECTION: After removing yellowing and oxidation with 2 grades of sanding paper in this headlight cleaning kit, Meguiar’s Ultimate Headlight Sealant is a headlight lens sealant that contains UV protection that delivers 18+ months of protection
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR HEADLIGHTS: The wipes included in this headlight polishing kit make it easy to bring up clarity after using the included sandpaper. The Ultimate Headlight Sealant dries completely clear and enhances visibility & safety for night driving
  • EASY APPLICATION: Our car headlight cleaner kit uses 1000 grit and 3000 grit sandpaper to quickly remove yellowing and cloudiness. Follow with the pre-saturated wipes that seal and protect against reoxidation for up to 18 + months with an easy application
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED: This headlight lens repair kit utilizes two grades of sanding discs and pre-saturated wipes allowing anyone to restore their headlights to clarity and ceramic coat for lasting protection. No power tools or machines needed
Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax - Sophisticated Car Wash Gently Cleans and Adds Shine and Slickness While Boosting Paint with Hybrid Ceramic Wax and Extreme Water Beading - 48oz
  • 2-IN-1 CAR WASH: This premium car wash soap washes and boosts with advanced Hybrid Ceramic wax protection that will help you protect and maintain your paint
  • WATER BEADS & ROLLS OFF: While gently lifting dirt and debris from the paint on your car, this car wash and wax delivers an extreme water beading action and slickness that makes cleaning and drying a quicker and easier process
  • CLEAR COAT SAFE: This hybrid ceramic wash & wax is safe and effective on all glossy paint and clear coats and gently cleans dirt, grime, and fresh contaminants from the surface without removing any preexisting car wax
  • PAINT MAINTENANCE: The perfect way to clean your car’s paint while boosting and maintaining protection and slickness in between regular car wax applications
  • VERSATILE: This advanced Meguiar's car wash is the perfect choice for gently cleaning and boosting protection, whether cleaning with a foam cannon or using a traditional bucket wash. Just dilute 6:1 of water to car wash for a foam cannon or 2oz of product
Meguiar's All Surface Interior Cleaner - All Purpose Interior Cleaner Quickly and Safely Cleans All Your Interior Surfaces and Leaves Behind a Pleasant Scent - Premium Auto Interior Cleaner, 16oz
  • DEEP CLEANING FORMULA: This premium all surface cleaner is formulated for safe and thorough cleaning on ALL interior surfaces. Since it's also a prediluted formula there is no need for mixing or dilution ratios
  • QUICKLY CLEANS: This all surface spray for car interiors is a fast-acting cleaner that quickly removes tough dirt, daily grime, stains, spills, fingerprint oils, and more. After use, it leaves behind a clean, original, no-gloss OEM finish
  • FINE-TUNED FOR INTERIORS: Since it's safe and effective for use on ALL interior surfaces, this all surface spray can be used on plastic, vinyl, leather, vinyl, rubber, carpet, and upholstery. Just spray on a towel or brush and work into the surface
  • PLEASANT TO WORK WITH: Some car interior cleaner formulas have an overpowering or unpleasant scent making them less desirable to work with. Not this interior cleaner, this surface cleaner has a mild and refreshing citrus scent
  • NO RESIDUE OR GREASY FEEL: Our interior car cleaner won't leave behind a shiny or greasy look or feel, just an original OEM appearance without gloss or shine
Meguiar's Ultimate Glass Cleaner & Water Repellent - Premium Glass and Window Cleaner for Quick Cleaning with Hydrophobic Technology that Acts as a Rain Repellent Improving Visibility in Rain, 16oz
  • GLASS CLEANER SPRAY & WATER REPELLENT: Sophisticated chemistry thoroughly cleans exterior glass while leaving behind a layer of protection that delivers a hydrophobic finish that repels water, so it rolls right off
  • IMPROVES VISIBILITY: Premium glass cleaner quickly cleans glass with streak-free results while hydrophobic technology rolls water off exterior glass improving visibility in wet and rainy conditions
  • STREAK-FREE CLARITY: Specialized anti-hazing formula provides streak-free clarity while being safe & effective on exterior glass, vehicle cameras, and sensor housings that are commonly found on and around modern vehicles
  • EASY AND CONVENIENT: Easy to use window cleaner with no towel grabbing. Simply spray on and wipe with a premium microfiber towel or microfiber glass towel such as Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Towel for quick and easy cleaning with hydrophobic repellent
  • SLICK GLASS REPELLENT: This streak-free glass cleaner and repellent produces a high water beading action and leaves exterior glass slick and clean, allowing water to bead up and roll off for improved visibility in water and rainy conditions
Meguiar's Ultimate Ceramic Coating - Ultra-Durable Cutting-Edge Ceramic Protection with Excellent Water Beading While also increasing gloss, Slickness, and Concealing Minor Paint Defects - 8oz Spray
  • ULTRA-DURABLE PROTECTION: Borrowing from professional technology, this advanced formula is a premium ceramic coating for cars that delivers ultra-durable protection with increased gloss and slickness. Get professional-grade results from a coating that's e
  • EASY TO USE FORMULA: Get a durable ceramic coating without the need for a difficult professional application process. After cleaning and prepping the paint, simply spray, spread with a premium microfiber towel, and flip your towel for the final buff off t
  • EXCELLENT WATER BEADING ACTION: Not only do you get exceptional durability, but this ceramic protectant also delivers unbelievable water beading with increased slickness that makes maintaining and drying your paint a much easier process
  • CONCEALS LIGHT DEFECTS: One of the side benefits of this ceramic paint coating is that the surface doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. Spray on a section, spread with a microfiber, and buff off. The product will help conceal minor paint defects while i
  • SAFE ON OTHER SURFACES: While this cutting-edge car ceramic coating is formulated specifically for exterior glossy paint, it also works great on exterior plastic trim, decals, paint protection film (PPF), and wheels