Meguiar's Ultimate Insane Shine Foam, High Gloss, Long-Lasting Tire Foam, G210419, 19 Oz

HIGHEST GLOSS TIRE SHINE: Premium gloss enhancers make Ultimate Insane Shine our highest gloss foam
LASTING FINISH: Synthetic polymer chemistry provides a long-lasting finish
CLEAN & SHINE: Thick active foam powers through road grime for a dark, even shine
SOAKING WET-LOOK: Spray tire dressing offers soaking wet-look gloss
EASY SPRAY FOAM: Convenient and easy to use foam allows you to simply spray and walk away
  • Clean
  • Restore
  • Shine
  • Protect
  • Maintain
  • Clean and shine your tires in one convenient step. This easy to use tire shine is a thick, active foam that powers through road grime to clean tires and leave them with a dark, even shine. Synthetic polymer chemistry produces an amazing bond for a long-lasting finish. Then, premium gloss enhancers deliver an attention-grabbing high gloss shine making Meguiar's Ultimate Insane Shine Foam the highest gloss tire foam Meguiar's currently has to offer. So, if you're looking for a tire product that can lightly clean, produce an amazing depth of shine, delivers a lasting finish and is easy to use, Ultimate Insane Shine Foam is for you!

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