Meguiar's Ultimate Glass Cleaner & Water Repellent - Premium Glass and Window Cleaner for Quick Cleaning with Hydrophobic Technology that Acts as a Rain Repellent Improving Visibility in Rain, 16oz

GLASS CLEANER SPRAY & WATER REPELLENT: Sophisticated chemistry thoroughly cleans exterior glass while leaving behind a layer of protection that delivers a hydrophobic finish that repels water, so it rolls right off
IMPROVES VISIBILITY: Premium glass cleaner quickly cleans glass with streak-free results while hydrophobic technology rolls water off exterior glass improving visibility in wet and rainy conditions
STREAK-FREE CLARITY: Specialized anti-hazing formula provides streak-free clarity while being safe & effective on exterior glass, vehicle cameras, and sensor housings that are commonly found on and around modern vehicles
EASY AND CONVENIENT: Easy to use window cleaner with no towel grabbing. Simply spray on and wipe with a premium microfiber towel or microfiber glass towel such as Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Towel for quick and easy cleaning with hydrophobic repellent
SLICK GLASS REPELLENT: This streak-free glass cleaner and repellent produces a high water beading action and leaves exterior glass slick and clean, allowing water to bead up and roll off for improved visibility in water and rainy conditions
  • Clean
  • Restore
  • Shine
  • Protect
  • Maintain
  • Meguiar's Ultimate Glass Cleaner & Water Repellent is a unique formula that combines superior glass cleaning ability with advanced hydrophobic properties that creates surface tension to repel water on exterior glass, driver assistance cameras, and sensors. This advanced glass cleaner is easy to use; just spray onto the surface in a section, spread the glass cleaner with water repellent to lift dirt and grime with a premium microfiber, and flip the towel to a clean portion to buff the window. There's not a lot of friction or towel grabbing. Instead, you're just left with glass that is slick and has streak-free clarity with anti-hazing  properties. Plus, you get the added benefit of hydrophobic technology that's left behind to help water bead up and roll right off the glass. It also helps improve your view in wet conditions. Why just clean exterior glass when you can clean it and treat it with hydrophobic technology for a finish that also repels water? Ultimate Glass Cleaner & Repellent.

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