Meguiar's Hot Rims Black Wheel Cleaner, Best Cleaner For Matte Black Wheels, G230524, 24 oz

DEEP & EFFECTIVE CLEANING: Foaming gel sticks for deep cleaning
SPECIALIZED FOR BLACK WHEELS: Formulated for all black wheel finishes
POWERFUL & SAFE: Maximum cleaning yet gentle on wheels
CLINGING ACTION: Formula dwells on the surface for more effective cleaning
VERSATILE USE: Safely and effectively cleans glossy, matte, satin, and black chrome wheels
  • Clean
  • Restore
  • Shine
  • Protect
  • Maintain
  • Meguiar's Hot Rims Black Wheel Cleaner is specifically formulated to powerfully clean sensitive black wheel finishes, including glossy, matte, satin, and black chrome! The formula has been fine-tuned for maximum cleaning yet is gentle enough to leave wheel finishes unfazed. Its foaming gel provides great coverage and maximum dwell time so that the specialized formula can do its job of breaking down dirt, grime, and brake dust!
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    Powerful & safe wheel cleaning

    We've all heard horror stories of someone using the wrong wheel cleaner who ends up staining or damaging their wheels. For that very reason, it's essential to know what type of wheels you're working with and how aggressive the wheel cleaner is that you're using. Black wheels tend to be some of the more sensitive wheels on the market, and you naturally want to get them cleaned without causing damage. Meguiar's has the perfect solution with Hot Rims Black Wheel Cleaner. The specialized formula is powerful enough to deliver thorough cleaning while still safe on sensitive surfaces like gloss, matte, satin, black chrome, and wheels with black accents! The advanced foaming gel helps the product to stick to vertical surfaces to maximize dwell time and the cleaning ability of the cleaner. So, if you've got black wheels and have been looking for the right wheel cleaner to get the job done, we've got the right wheel cleaner for you!

    Tips for getting the best results

    • Shake product well.
    • Do not pre-rinse wheels.
    • Make sure the wheel is cool to the touch before use.
    • Spray an even coat of the wheel cleaner on the entire wheel.
    • Let the wheel cleaner dwell for 1 minute. Do not allow the product to dry on the wheel.
    • Thoroughly rinse off with a powerful stream of water.
    • Dry wheels to prevent water spotting.
    • Note: Agitation with a wheel brush may be required for heavily soiled or neglected wheels.
    • Use a soft brush dedicated to wheel cleaning such as Meguiar's Supreme Shine Wheel Brushes.

    Different wheel cleaners for different surfaces

    Meguiar's Hot Rims Aluminum Wheel Cleaner is engineered specifically for uncoated aluminum and other sensitive surfaces often used to produce aftermarket wheels. Meguiar's least-aggressive wheel cleaner.

    Meguiar's Hot Rims Wheel and Tire Cleaner is formulated to foam away brake dust, dirt & grime, specifically for factory OEM painted and clear coated rims. It also excels at cleaning tires.

    Meguiar's Hot Rims Chrome Wheel Cleaner is a powerful formula that quickly removes grime, grid, and stubborn brake dust from true chrome wheels.

    Meguiar's Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner is formulated to deliver powerful, color-changing cleaning that is still gentle enough that it's safe on all wheels. It's acid-free and pH balanced to prevent causing harm to wheels or aftermarket brake components.